Ideas aren’t personal

Everyone has ideas for new ventures. It’s part of the excitement of being an entrepreneur, designer or developer. However, it’s easy to get protective over your ideas, thinking that they belong to you. This mindset is counterproductive.

Have you ever wondered whether someone across the other side of the world has had the same idea as you? Chances are, they have. This sheds light on an interesting aspect of ideas: they’re not personal. In fact, they’re their own force entirely.

Ideas are able to jump from person to person, waiting to be brought to life. If a person is suitable and ready for that idea, magic will happen. Planning will be swift. Execution will be effective. Progress will be made.

Ideas aren’t personal, so don’t treat them that way. Accept ideas from other people if they’re suitable. Reject your own ideas if they’re not. Work on things that make you feel good. Keep going. Keep creating. It’s our creations that make us human.